I’ve recently been working on an educational product with a friend in which you can drill for oil while learning to prevent blowouts. Never thought I’d be doing something like that. I’m much more in the Monkey Wrench Gang camp when it comes to this type of thing. Looks pretty neat-o though. You can blow yer whole dang rig up if you’re not careful. My buddy, Brian Judy is doing the programming and adding additional art in Flash.

In this screenshot, you’re about to use the Pipe Shear which, I assume is a last-resort sort of thing as it appears to activate giant pincers that’ll snap your pipe in two. Actually, I think it just crimps it. Either way your well is screwed.

It’s amazing how much you can develop while staying fairly clueless about the technical end of a project.

Rich Powell

I'm an artist/illustrator residing in a small, North Carolina town. I worked for a few years as a conceptual artist and art director in the computer game industry but set off on my own to freelance. I currently do humorous illustration and cartoons for publications such as MAD Magazine and Highlights for Children.

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