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Live Nude Art!!

Well, I got the new galleries up on the Artwork tab.  E-gads!! I’m exhausted. Be sure to check out the beginnings of my Fine Art page. Right now it only includes acrylics.


The Great Gallery Slog

Well, I’ve been putting together my new image galleries now that the website has moved. You can check them out under the “Artwork” tab. I wanted to be very comprehensive but that means a...


Still Figuring It Out: Year 50.

A guy wrote to me out of the blue yesterday and asked this: “I am trying to ink my artwork. I am using Bristol Board and Higgins black ink. unfortunately, it looks streaky and...


Bragging On My Kid

Last weekend, Frankie, Bailey, Matt and I made the trip to Barton College to attend the Scholastic Awards ceremonies where Bailey would collect her Nine Gold Key Awards and her American Visions Nomination!! We...


An illustrated thanks!

Well, it looks like Mike Cicchi’s package of original art arrived safely!   It’s always nerve-wracking to send original art through the mail, I figure it’ll get bent or screwed up in some way....