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Magical Memories

I was just going through my backed -up files and stumbled upon a bunch of toons I did years ago in collaboration with an old co-worker of mine, Josh Mandel. Josh was a writer/game...

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Our State TV Episode

Hey Folks! Here’s the Our State TV episode featuring me riffing on Andy Griffith’s legendary “What It Was, Was Football”. Now, you can watch it right here! (also…Here’s a post with behind the scenes photos)

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Art Materials Rundown

Due to the recent post about cleaning nibs, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions from folks about the art materials I work with. It Just so happens that the wonderful David Paccia interviewed me...

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The Time Has Come

A dear old friend recently commissioned me to do a drawing based on Lewis Carroll’s poem, “The Walrus and The Carpenter”. It’s one of my favorite poems by Carroll and was originally illustrated by...

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Powell’s Patented Nifty Nib Cleaner

I was getting tired of trying to get my nibs cleaned thoroughly without having to get up from the drawing table and stop the ol’ workflow dead in its tracks.These new waterproof inks are...

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More Ink than you’d Think

Lately, I’ve had a couple of folks inquire about how I work. What do I do digitally, what do I do analog, what am I smoking… you get my drift. The simple answer is...