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I recently posted a pen and ink and watercolor illustration I did for a local young lady who sent me a very nice note out of the blue last week. It really made my day, so I wanted to make something very nice to hang on her wall. Her name is Estella and she’s the daughter of my good friend Joel who co-owns four Saints brewing company (great beer, great people!)

This is what I came up with.

A couple of Facebook friends, both fellow artists, asked about the watercolor set and the board that I stretch the paper on. So here’s the info!

It’s a Pelikan travel set, unfortunately I don’t have the model number. I got it about 35 years ago. I hope it’s still available.
Everything nests together and the two end pieces make water containers with a nice little brush rest on each. The colors aren’t entirely transparent, so often I need to go back and re-ink some of the blacks that I want really black.
I made this board over 30 years ago so I’m not entirely sure but I think the top is birch. It’s lightweight and porous. I used to staple my paper to it but nowadays I just tape it down firmly and I’m very careful to press down on the tape while blow drying my artwork so it doesn’t peel up from the heat.
The back is reinforced with these 1 X 1/2 strips. It’s worked like a charm for all these years and allows you to pick it up and work in your lap if you want, tilt it easily to help the colors run etc.

Rich Powell

I'm an artist/illustrator residing in a small, North Carolina town. I worked for a few years as a conceptual artist and art director in the computer game industry but set off on my own to freelance. I currently do humorous illustration and cartoons for publications such as MAD Magazine and Highlights for Children.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, you are really blessed with a talent. I love your work. Thank you for sharing your talent. Artists truly have a gift from God.

  2. Michele Shockley says:

    Adorable! What a lucky girl to get such a special gift! I still have the tri tip BBQ recipe you illustrated for me, and it has pride of place in my recipe binder!

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