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Comic Booking

I’ve been working on a comic book lately, a first for me. It’s been fun but very difficult to get finished as I’m doing it on the side while juggling other projects. I’m doing...


Rolling Out the Store!

I’ve finally gotten around to finishing up the Callahan’s Quest for Adventure store! Head on over and see some cool shirts  and prints with crazy critters, lures and fish, read the stories and have a...


I got the Blues!

This design was shot- down for use as a Blues Fest Poster, so I’ve re-purposed it as a tribute to Lightnin’ Hopkins, one of my favorite blues artists. If you get a chance, watch...


Magical Memories

I was just going through my backed -up files and stumbled upon a bunch of toons I did years ago in collaboration with an old co-worker of mine, Josh Mandel. Josh was a writer/game...


Our State TV Episode

Hey Folks! Here’s the Our State TV episode featuring me riffing on Andy Griffith’s legendary “What It Was, Was Football”. Now, you can watch it right here! (also…Here’s a post with behind the scenes photos)